Malwrath May Update

Well this update is crazy late.

It’s been a month of working on Malwrath’s Tower. and we’ve made a decent amount of progress if not as much as I’d like.

Somehow I got tasked with the exterior ground tiles. So the basic tiles are done, but they still need to be blended at the edges. And the more I look at the grass the more low frequency artifacts I see; so, we might have to revisit that one. We’ll see when we get some more decorations on top of it.


In terms of code I’ve got the monster and the character mostly set up. A basic AI that can move the monster around. A solid path finding algorithm. And if you whack the monster with your gray stick thing it dies and re-spawns immediately. Anyway enough of me babbling take a look at some screen shots with my awesome placeholder rectangles.

Monster using path-finding algorithm to navigate around the wall
The rectangle monster is dead, and the people rejoice

And that brings us to the schedule.  Which is more or less on track although I did sop up a fair amount of buffer by reallocating it to extra blog posts I’ve done in April.


Starting Malwrath’s Tower

Since we dropped no hints about a new project last week, and we’re not serial developers you’ll be shocked, SHOCKED! to learn that we’re starting a new project. In slightly surprising news this will not be a space/scifi themed game. This time we’re working on a fantasy RPG called

Task 0) do something with that 'M"
Task 0) do something with that ‘M”

Malwrath’s Tower is currently a hack and slash heavy and story light invade the evil wizard’s tower take his stuff and kill him style game, but with roughly nine months of development time in front of us we’ll see where it goes. We’re hoping the engine will be flexible enough that we can use it for a couple of future games too.

And now the moment everyone has been waiting for the schedule update. We’re currently looking at a Q1 2017 launch. Why is it going to take so long? 0) this project is big we’ve got engine + graphics + levels that need to be done. 1) we all have day jobs so we can’t put that many hours into this every day.

red and blue lines are now 95% and 5% completion chance respectively
red and blue lines are now 95% and 5% completion chance respectively