Games Summary

All of our games require openGL2 or higher to run. This means that some older Intel video chipsets won’t be able to run them.



Commodities trading game based in space. As the captain of a space freighter you can ply honorable trade routes with legal goods or sneak in to systems through asteroids fields with contraband.
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Hey look at that a new feature graphic, and this one has lens flair. It must be fancy

Dodge or destroy asteroids in this top scrolling survival game. Your ship can be customized by selecting different weapons and power ups. Just don’t forget to watch your fuel gauge.
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In Development

A platformer where you try to escape from a research maze until someone designs a few levels.
Current Phase: level design
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Development Hell

Description: Some sort of Hack’n Slash RPG
Current Phase: design/ early developement
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A turn based node control game set in space (think Risk or Axis and Allies). It was a good learning experience for implementing some basic multi-player functions and a client-server system but we don’t think many people besides us would be interested in playing  it. Summary of Tasks Before Releasable:

  • Client needs a face lift
  • Client needs to display more combat resolution data
  • The lobby needs to be redesigned