Defenseless DRU

Some of you might have heard about Dominoes Robotic Unit (DRU) which was announced publicly a few weeks ago.

A mug only it’s designer and bugs could love. courtesy of Marathon Robotics

And while we can all applaud that humans are now one step closer to never leaving their couches. hoverchair

However, until that day robots are in grave danger. Just last year the poor defenseless Canadian HitchBot ( was destroyed near Philadelphia. This makes the design of DRU highly concerning. It lacks an apparent righting system.  We all know that robot immobilization can negatively affect the fate of whole planets in addition to the operation in which the robot is currently engaged.

bender stuck

DRU’s defensive design is also questionable. There has been some mention of DRU recording the images of assailants. It’s not confirmed if even this minimal level of protection will be implemented. However I feel compelled to point out that this system will be insufficient in light of HitchBot’s dismembered while carrying no cargo. DRU primary function will be transportation of goods which will dramatically increase the likelihood of ‘freak angle grinder accidents.’ so DRU clearly needs and active defense system. 

thoughts on the Rogue One trailer

I recently viewed the Rogue One trailer and while it appears to be the best Star Wars movie since 422733600 (that’s May 1983 for those of you who aren’t on Unix time) there are 10 glaring issues with it.

0) Where is Wedge Antilles?

You know this guy. Courtesy of StarWars Wiki

He’s either in or leading Rouge squadron since let’s say Always! Since Mon Mothma was apparently cloned for this movie you’d think they could clone Wedge, and no Wedge isn’t loosing his pasty complexion and acquiring rhythm since Riz Ahmed is playing someone called Bodhi Rook.

1) More importantly the editor is clearly anti droid. Droids are in less than 10 s of a 117 s trailer, And the shots are all terrible just look at this.

bot_2 background_2
out of focus, out of shot and obscured
bot_3 background
You can barely see this droid behind the asshole who’s cutting it off in an emergency.
bot_1 background
this is the longest shot with a droid in it. Where the droid is largely hidden by I assume Generic_Rebel_Trooper_1
bot_4 action bot
and a ‘classic’ shot of it’s back panel. At least it knows which way to look when escaping, unlike the skin tube next to it.

I realize Star Wars isn’t exactly the droid friendliest place in the universe, but this is ridiculous.